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Innovation Projects 2017

An Auditing Tool for Climate Effective Packaging

Associate Professor Henrik Pålsson and Associate Professor Daniel Hellström of the Packaging Logistics department of Lund University was awarded first a Pathfinder and then a partner accelerator project from Climate-KIC. The project aims to strengthen and improve the quality of packaging audits for decreasing the total climate impact of packaging. This will benefit the environment considerably by reducing emissions throughout the packaging life cycle, while concurrently generating values in forward and reverse supply chains. This will be achieved by developing an online auditing tool that makes it easy for stakeholders to asses packaging performance and its climate impact so that packaging do much more good than potential harm. The project will be done in cooperation with IKEA.

Malmö ”Smart Sustainable Districts” Flagship

This flagship project was coordinated by the City of Malmö. Geographically the project was focused to Sofielund in Malmö, an area with very large social problems. The purpose was to implement sustainable solutions in the area. The project had three main areas; Property-related services, energy renovation and blue-green solutions. Researchers from Lund University led the work in the two latter parts. Johanna Alkan Ohlsson and Helena Hanson were responsible for the Blue Green Solutions. Energy renovation was led by Petter Wallentén from the Department of Building Physics, supported by Christian Stenqvist, Environmental and Energy Systems (LTH).

EnCo2re Flagship

During 2018, Lars J Nilsson and several other researchers at the Environmental and Energy Systems division were involved in a Flagship program, EnCo2re, which dealt with the use of carbon dioxide in production oc materials like plastics.

InFloW – Information & Flood Warning system

On the 5th of April 2017 Researcher Angelica Lidén of the Division of Water Resources Engineering at Lund University was awarded a Pathfinder project from Climate-KIC. Floodview is an international R&D project creating a decision support system. The project will create a much needed app that can be used as a two-way communication tool between city officials and the general public. With this app, the Floodview system would be better adapted for crisis planning, and for green infrastructure planning. The project wuill be done in cooperation with the City of Malmö, the City of Vejle, 4IT i Malmö AB and Ægir SA.

Gaming for uncertainty

Gaming for uncertainty was an ideation project at Lund University financed by Climate-KIC with the aim to develop an entertaining game that motivates people to want to learn more about what it means to express uncertainty and make decisions. The game include simple daily life problems and a case-study related climate change adaptation. The game will explain the benefits of expressing uncertainty when making predictions and possible ways to make decisions under uncertainty. The game will include prediction and decision problems from daily life that players can relate to, and a fictional game scenario that involves decision making under climate uncertainty, where there is a need to consider the balance between social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Participants: Ullrika Sahlin (PI), Lund University, Sweden, Igor Kozine, DTU, Denmark, Melanie Kreye, DTU, Denmark, Anthony O’Hagan, University of Sheffield, UK, Matthias Troffaes, Durham University, UK, Boris Schonfeldt, Vejle municipality, Denmark, Igor Linkov, Carneige Mellon University, US, Rasmus Bååth, Lund University, Hampus Söderström, Den Nya Verkligheten (game developer)

Algorithmic Potato Farming

Senior Lecturer Johanna Alkan Ohlsson from the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research was awarded an Ideation project in January 2017. With an algorithm developed for an optimal timing of applications of fungicides against late blight on potatoes the project want to develop an mobile phone app that allows to use an algorithm by farmers. To minimise the risk of harvest loss for the farmer the project will combine the use of the app with the involvement of an insurance company that will insure the potato harvest. The idea is that the insurance policy will be paid by the money saved due to lower numbers of fungicide application. 

Soil Carbon Sequestration

Edith Hammer, Biology, was part of an ideation project initiated by the University of Copenhagen, which focused on increasing carbon sequestration in soil. This was an ideation project with very small budget where LU had a small part of the budget.