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Innovation Projects

Climate –KIC supports innovation projects initiated by partners of Climate-KIC. Different project types are constructed with the idea that a successfully finalized project may apply for support from the next type of project funding (Starting with Pathfinder and going further with, Partner Accelerator, Demonstrator and Scalor). It is also possible to apply for any type of project without having finished the previous type (for example applying for a Partner Accelerator project without first having finished a Pathfinder project).

Ideation Project

Ideation is a smaller kind of innovation project. You can submitte a proposal to Ideation Day and after the project idea has been discussed and refined it may be awarded the same day.
The sums of the Ideation awards are between €5k-€15k.

The next Ideation Day is expected to be held in the autumn of 2017.


Pathfinder projects are focusing on strategic fit, climate relevance, market need and strength of team, and are open to Climate-KIC partners who over a period of time wish to collaborate in order to identify innovation opportunities. At least 30% co-funding is requested.

The role of a Pathfinder project is to confirm an innovation opportunity, to match the supply side discoveries and the demand-side need. To develop a business model that shows how the supply- and demand-side nexus can be matched. It is expected that Pathfinder participants create an initial business model, so that they can directly enter the Accelerator at stage 2 if the Pathfinder is successful.

Pathfinder projects usually awards from €15k-€30k, up to a maximum of €50k.
The duration of a Pathfinder project should not be more than 4 months. 

Examples of Pathfinder projects here.

Contact olof.blomqvist [at]

The next call for proposals have a deadline for application 29/9 2017.

Partner Accelerator

The goal is to validate the business model of the potential innovation in a 2 stage approach. At least 30% co-funding is requested.

Stage 1: Demonstrate that the innovation endeavor can build a coherent business model. Explain the business model using the Business Model Canvas tool and present the plan for customer validation.

Stage 2: Market validation of the business model. The Partner teams must present their validated business model and provide evidence of actual customer demand

If you are confident in your innovation and want to go directly to market validation you may apply for the Partner Accelerator program directly without first applying for a Pathfinder project.

Partner Accelerator programs awards up to a maximum of €50k.
The duration of a Partner Accelerator project should not be more than 6 months. 

Contact olof.blomqvist [at]

The next call for proposals have a deadline for application 29/9 2017.



The purpose is to demonstrate or prove that viable innovations have been created. The programme supports the development of innovation opportunities into self-sustainable products or services, ready to be deployed and scaled up into new markets.

Participation of at least one international Climate-KIC partner’s engagement is required to assure the innovations applicability in different geographical markets. At least 50% co-funding is requested.
A Demonstrator Project typically lasts 2-3 years and funding typically ranges from 200-800k€/year. 

Or contact olof.blomqvist [at]

The next call for proposals will have a deadline for application 27/10 2017

Scalor Projects

Scalor projects focus on taking projects the last step towards expansion. They can be about spreading knowledge to decision makers and stakeholders or overcoming final hurdles.

The next call for proposals will have a deadline for application 27/10 2017