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Greenhouse projects at Lund University

Five teams have been admited to the Greenhouse Program in January 2017 at Lund University. The program will be running throughout the spring.

Here atre short descriptions of the five Greenhouse Projects at Lund University:



the edibles
Team: Divya Mohan, Brendan Crosse and Muhamad Syahir Suhaimi
About: ‘Eat Your Straw’ is edible, zero-waste straw made of edible starch assembled to fight the environmental effects of plastic straws. It will be a commercial business with strong social ideals. It can be fortified with specific vitamins or minerals, enabling us to target populations lacking those nutrients.
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: Danica Caganic and Sasa Farkas
About: Many companies in Sweden are focusing their CSR work outside Sweden´s boarder and many times the companies have a bad waste management installed. GePant have a solution to improve this - by offering LSR (Local Social Responsibility) by collection and donation of the company´s bottles and cans for refund to local non-profitable organisations. Donation of pledge to financial dependent organisations will give the possibility to keep organisation running, and at the same time, we save important resources.
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Connect 2 Colombia
Team: Martina Andersson and Sören Karlsson (partner in Sweden) and Gustavo Gutierrez Rubio (partner in Colombia)
About: Connect 2 Colombia’s vision is to provide green energy and clean water to the people of Colombia. We are located both in Sweden and Colombia and want to connect investors with the projects for a sustainable development in the poor areas as well as introducing Swedish (or European) inventions on the Colombian market. 
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Cory Rupert and Laura Horenberg
About: Bugz is in the process of developing a sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative feed source to livestock farmers. The product is made from insects and is free from antibiotics, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Rich in protein and essential fatty acids, Buqz is the animal feed of the future!
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Team: Jeremy Boom, Kristofer Rolf Söderström and Frida Levin
About: weAdventure is an online platform that serves as a marketplace connecting local adventure providers with outdoor enthusiasts, with a focus on ethical and environmental practices.
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