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About Climate-KIC

Addressing the challenge of climate change Climate-KIC; established as a public-private partnership, is the largest innovation Project in Europé.

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Climate-KIC is one of the Knowledge- and Innovation Communities (KICs) created in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Climate-KIC brings together universities, companies, cities and other stakeholders in Europe with the common goal of finding innovative mitigation- and adaptation solutions to climate challenge.

Climate-KIC integrates education, entrepreneurship and innovation aiming for a connective, creative transformation of knowledge and ideas into economically viable products or services that help to mitigate climate change.

The Climate-KIC activities are driven by four climate change themes; find out more about them in the right margin or at the links below:

Urban Transitions
Sustainable Production Systems
Sustainable Land Use
Decision Metrics & Finance

Download the theme priorities 2017 here.

Lund University is a Climate-KIC partner

Lund University became partner of Climate-KIC Nordic in June 2015. Climate-KIC Nordic is one of thirteen Climate-KIC centers in Europe and its headquarters is located at DTU, Technical University of Denmark.


Getting involved with Climate-KIC

As partner, Lund University both initiates and contributes to the activities within Climate-KIC's activities within its various areas. The partnership opens up possibilities for participation in many different innovation projects with a wide network of other partners and affiliates within academia, public organisations and corporates.

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Urban Transitions

Urban Transitions
Climate change and growing urban populations pose a challenge for cities. Cities have to deal with the impact of climate change and be resilient and also contribute to mitigation efforts. The theme priorities 2017


Sustainable Production Systems

Sustainable Production Systems
Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Production Systems aim to renew Europe’s industry, fostering innovation that reduces unsustainable resource use and greenhouse gas emissions. The theme priorities 2017
Sustainable Land Use

Sustainable Land Use
The demands on natural resources, and the interactions between land use and ecosystems services make the bio-economy sector complex in terms of sustainability. The theme priorities 2017
Decision Metrics and Finance

Decition Metrics and Finance
There is a need for a clearer understanding and management of climate risk, for standardisation in reporting, monitoring and verification. There is a need to identify bankable and climate-friendly projects. The theme priorities 2017