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Ideator Projects from Lund University

Strategies for the adequacy of communications

Kristina Blennow, Guest Professor at Environmental and Energy Systems Studies was awarded for this Climate-KIC Ideation project on the topic of EU policy and private land use in September 2016. It was succsessfully competed in December 2016. Private land owners´ use of the land and how they adapt their management to climate change is crucially important for the climate as well as the supply of goods and ecosystem services in a growing bioeconomy. Unfortunately EU policy and private land use do not always match wich was the topic of this project.

Algorithmic Potato Farming

Senior Lecturer Johanna Alkan Ohlsson from the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research was awarded an Ideation project in January 2017. With an algorithm developed for an optimal timing of applications of fungicides against late blight on potatoes the project want to develop an mobile phone app that allows to use an algorithm by farmers. To minimise the risk of harvest loss for the farmer the project will combine the use of the app with the involvement of an insurance company that will insure the potato harvest. The idea is that the insurance policy will be paid by the money saved due to lower numbers of fungicide application.