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Ullrika Sahlin awarded project money at Climate-KIC Ideation Day

vv Ullrika Sahlin, risk specialist at Lund University, was awarded 15 000 Euros for her project "gaming for better decisions under uncertanty"at the Climate-KIC Ideation Day II this Tuesday. Ullrikas project aims at developing a fun and educational game for decision makers where they can develop skills in making decisions on climate related issues with consideration of risk and uncertainty.

Urban Food from Residual Heat – Open Innovation Competition

håll The Swedish cities of Malmö, Lund, Oskarshamn and Bjuv are looking for creative partners with innovative solutions that can be involved in a new venture, to convert waste heat into urban food or other biological production through an Open Innovation Competition. Clean residual heat emitted from a diverse range of sources – from single refrigerators to industrial sites – represents a waste of both energy and resources that is ultimately detrimental to the local and global environment.

Video from Ideation Day 27 January 2017

ideation Here is a video from Climate-KICs Ideation Day at DTU 27 January. Look out for dates for a possible second Ideation Day late autumn 2017.

Two Climate-KIC Pathfinder Projects awarded to Lund University

stig vid kåseberga In early April we were informed that Lund University was awarded no less that two Climate-KIC Pathfinder Projects. Read more about the two awarded Projects here.

Climate-KIC announces Anders Wijkman as new Chair of the Governing Board

anders Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private partnership tackling climate change through innovation, today announces the appointment of Anders Wijkman as Chair of the Governing Board of Association Climate-KIC, with immediate effect.

Climate-KIC Nordic Ideation Day

ideation The second Climate-KIC Nordic Ideation Day was held at DTU Skylab on the 27th of January 2017.

Climate-KIC activities at Lund University 2016

papper During 2016 there has been some involvement in different Climate-KIC activities at Lund University. Here are short descriptions of the different Projects.

Enjay Filtration – A Climate-KIC Accelerator company from Lund University

Enjay Enjay is one of the companies from Lund University that has joined the Climate-KIC Start-up Accelerator. We made a visit to their office in Stävie to find out more about what they do.

Urban Transition Workshop in Malmö 29/11

urban transition workshop On the 29th of November there was an Urban Transition Workshop in Malmö hosted by Climate-KIC.

New Climate- KIC coordinator at Lund University

Photo: UN From the 1 of November there is a new Climate-KIC project coordinator at the Lund University working actively with involving research at the University in the different Climate-KIC initiatives. During the first months the position will be held temporarily by Olof Blomqvist. Here is a short interview with Olof.